January 18, 2007

Our 2006 Family Photos
taken December 9th

Always a challenge to get everyone to look and smile (especially in Mitch's case) at the camera at the same time... and with kids - especially when there's no one behind that camera to get their attention!
Not an easy feat for me running back and forth from the timer button & jumping in the picture at 8 months pregnant with a wiggly two year old in hand, either...
But after about a dozen attempts, I think we were successful!!! (see final photo - everyone smiling!!!)
We've pretty much given up on going to a professional studio altogether.... adding carrides and winter hat hair to the already challenging task just doesn't work well!
Next year there will be yet another little one to add to the picture time fun!


  1. Great pictures as usual - thanks!

    We were very glad to be able to spend a good amount of time up in HC with everybody... it was a great time.

    I'd like to see that smoker book at some point... should be smoking trout in a few months.

  2. They're wonderful pictures! I can imagine the time spent & it must have been lots of fun.