May 29, 2007

Lilly - 3 years old - Some thoughts...

Her hair is completely back to normal from the bottle of Johnson's baby oil gel she applied to it a month ago... the bathtub is getting there. (You wouldn't believe how awful that stuff is to try to clean up!)
The week she did that was also the week she squirted out a whole bottle of toothpaste downstairs "brushing her teeth" and dumped a box of Crispix in our bed while playing house/cooking with Johnathan. Also the same week she put lotion on her eyelashes and got into my makeup. Must've been a spell she was going through.
Granny & Grampa gave Lilly this pretty little rocking chair for her birthday. It just might be the thing that gets her to sit still for more than 5 minutes! She loves it.

She was quite a sight waiting for her birthday party, wearing all kinds of pretties and running around with a skun up knee.
Our Lily of the Valley is in bloom just in time for her birthday again.
Here she is with a PB&J face (Lilly's face is almost never clean) in her new birthday swimsuit. She was a little confused about it at first. I suppose she doesn't remember wearing one last summer, when she'd just turned from 1 to 2 years, all that well. She kept saying "Is it underwear??"
But now since she put it on, I haven't gotten her to take it off.

My favorite thing to watch Lilly do right now is ride her bike - she peddles round & round so fast, turning this way and that, and casually stopping just when I think she might crash. It's pretty amazing & entertaining to watch.
She's out there riding her bike in her stars & stripes swimsuit right now.
She was the birthday princess for a couple of days around here, but today with work, school, & baseball returning, it's back to life as Lilly knows it, sharing the spotlight with her brothers, which she is always happy to do.


  1. Wow! You would be in high demand if you were a professional photographer. You capture so much in a single photo. It's amazing. I love them all :) The kids are beautiful.

  2. I really enjoy taking pictures of the kids, thanks for the nice compliment!

  3. Happy birthday, Lilly! These are wonderful birthday pictures, pretty amazing subjects...