January 28, 2008

With the new day
comes new strength
and new thoughts.

Happy New Year.
Catching up on some jotting & photos today.
Beau is now 11 months, we're rounding the corner to his first birthday so quickly. He's such a happy & busy boy. His climbing & curiosity of the cupbaords & all drawers & doors reminds me much of Mason & Eric when they were small. The bathroom, too - I'm reminded of the days when we had to keep the bathroom door locked at all times so the twins couldn't get in. Beau can't reach the door handles yet, so we haven't resorted to locking them... but keeping closed is a must.
Johnathan began Pre-K class last week. His first class to be dropped off at & left all by himself. He was ready, waiting at the door to go that morning, & when I dropped him off he headed off to play without looking back.
This is the first class that Lilly cannot attend with Johnathan, and she's feeling a little left out about that.
These kids are so eager to grow up.
She's been spending much time doing her "homework" & wearing her Ninja Turtle backpack (once Eric's kindergarten backpack, and now tattered but loved by Lilly)... she even packed herself a lunch the other day, asking to go to school to eat. (I have to remember to check her backpack for perishables now and then... A couple weeks ago I found a bag with a couple of slices of dried up cheese in there.)
Such a character she is, Lilly. Her great ambition right now is to play football like Rudy. That's Rudy Ruteger of the mid 1970's Notre Dame Fighting Irish... We have to tell a bedtime story every night as she gets tucked in about the beautiful little girl (to which she says, "no I'm BIG!") named Lilly who grew up to play football like Rudy, (to which she grins & adds, "and basketball, too!") and lived happily ever after.

We had a grizzly cold stretch here this past week or so, but yesterday warmed up nicely and the kids got to do some sledding outside again. I also got to head out & shoot, for the first time, the bow I was given for Christams from Mitch. I'm feeling good about rising to the challenge of joining he & the kids in some friendly archery competition.

We went on a date to dinner & the bow shop a week or so ago, got things all adjusted & fitted, arrows cut to legnth, etc. My arm is getting used to the new use, I think I'm ready to add some weight to my draw. We worked at sighting it in yesterday for the last half hour before dark. Then I had to get back inside to make dinner. It was fun to join the rest in the family sport for a little while - I appreciate the thoughtful gesture from Mitch to include me in the hobby he so enjoys. I can see where it's a hobby that could easily become a healthy obsession.
I hope to consider it a new strength for us this new year... and imagine it will bring new thoughts to share as well.

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  1. Lilly is going to be a heck of a ball player I'm thinking... great bit there re bedtime stories.

    I'm glad to see that you were able to change your web address without losing archives.