April 5, 2008

10 things I did this week

1. Watched an eagle soar over our home in the clear blue sky.
2. Found first pussy willows of the year & cut a few sprigs for a jar.
3. Washed dishes with Johanathan & Lilly (they LOVE this.)
4. Shot 100 arrows.
5. Felt warm sunshine, and then giant sloppy snowflakes
hitting my face in the same day.
6. Tickled Beau after his bath (& lots of other times.)
7. Read excellent report cards brought home by Mason & Eric.
8. Went for a walk down the road with Mitch & the kids
& discusssed squirrel nests vs. squirrel holes with Johnathan.
9. Emailed a childhood friend as the puppy slept on my feet.
10. Listened to the cayotes yip & howl at midnight.

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