May 14, 2008


After the archery flight we headed south of Louisville to explore.
We took a scenic byway through some of the most beautiful country I've seen - it reminded both Mitch & I of Hawaii. (sounds funny I know, but the similarity of the landscape was there, minus the ocean.)
It was a beautiful evening. We drove along slowly, took some side roads, & stopped to smell the flowers.

We came upon the National Historic site of Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home on Knob Creek. Lincoln wrote about this place, saying it was home of his earliest recollections.
In a green valley surrounded by oak covered knobs, we got to stroll around with the place to ourselves.
The Knob Creek farm was situated along the Cumberland Road...Lincoln learned to read in the little house & received his only formal education while living here. He gardened, picked berries in the hills, fished in the creek & almost drowned in it once, he wrote about all these things. Very cool place.

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