May 14, 2008

ROAD TRIP 2008 : Brown County Detour

About an hour after Johnathan's preschool graduation we were all seven packed, loaded up, & on the road headed for Kentucky. I wasn't sure as we got going - still wondering if we were crazy or not... but it went well.

We drove through the night, our theory being that Beau's hours of confinement in the car seat would be mostly covered by his sleep hours through the night... this didn't go quite as planned though, he ended up awake through much of the wee morning hours, and Mitch and I both ended up very tired. Still, it went pretty well. Lilly made it all the way to Indiana in the morning before her first bathroom break!! Just one bathroom stop for her the whole way between home & Louisville. At still 3 years old, we were very impressed.

Since it was dark shortly after our 8 p.m. northern MN departure, sunrise in IL/IN was a major transformation... LEAVES & BLOSSOMS & GREEN all around! We were ready for a break from the car & detoured off after Indianapolis through Brown County, IN & Brown County State Park.The scenery was beautiful, the trees big & so green.

We found Bean Blossom Covered Bridge, built in 1880 over Bean Blossom Creek. The kids enjoyed checking out the water, Mitch enjoyed checking out the building structure, and I enjoyed taking some pictures.

Dogwoods were in bloom all around us and smelled so good!Ramp Creek Covered Bridge, crossing Salt Creek.
Oldest double barreled covered bridge still standing in IN, as well as the only 2 lane covered bridge. Built in 1838.
I love state parks, and this one made for a nice stop along our way.

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