August 11, 2008

berry picking

"Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup."
-Wendell Berry
I'm actually more of an afternoon & evening berry picker... the way the afternoon sun strikes them, making them light up like bright jewels of the woods... I just love it.
Our parcel of land is an absolute jungle of wild red raspberries right now. Each day we can set out on any one of our winding little paths & collect berries 'til our hearts content.

Beau's been filling his tummy on them, he's learned to stroll along and snack off the bushes just as his siblings have. (See retro raspberry moments here.)
Lilly is my best berry picking partner. Just like in the link, she can still be found out at the edge of the yard at any given time gathering berries. She learned a valuable lesson when they first began ripening a few wees ago - one that she now loves to live by; Berries are for sharing. She loves to eat them too, but just as much, she loves picking berries for her Daddy to have when he gets home from work, or for Beau, or for us to make jelly or raspberry shortcakes with. She loves it like I do.
All of the boys just eat as they go & then want to eat what Lilly & I have picked too. They're like their dad... he admits to being a bad berry picker, because he just eats them all immediately.
:) No depending on them to help out with jams or shortcakes, other than to consume them.
As for my obsession with berries, I don't eat them at all. So I got to wondering the other day why I love gathering them so much. I just think they're beautiful & I can't stop myself from going further & further into the bushes getting scratched up finding bigger and more beautiful ones. Kind of like a treasure hunt of nature. And they make everyone happy, so watching them eat them is reward as well.
The kids are really becoming good at identifying the vegetation of the woods. In all the thick of it, Mason & Eric can quickly jump off a trail & seek out the little goosberry plants they've recently discovered growing. Not enough berries this year to do much with, but soon maybe we'll be trying gooseberry jelly & pie.
Lilly likes the gooseberries, how juicey they are when she bites them. Life is good walking in the woods listening to her describe them in her happy little sing-song voice.


  1. i'd be interested to hear what y'all do with the gooseberries you pick.

  2. Hi Mandy, Your mom gave me the info on this a while back, and I just found it, and I wanted to tell you how awesome your blogs are and your pictures! I had so much fun looking through and Wade loves the frogs and the bugs, he wants to hold them.

  3. Hi Tracey! Glad you found us.
    I think of you guys often - always meant to thank you for the clothes you sent for Beau. He's gotten - and is getting - a lot of use from them.
    Talked to Grandma the other day, you guys should come visit us sometime. We'd love to catch some frogs & bugs for Wade! In fact, Johnathan just caught a whole bunch of different frogs today.
    Do you have my email address?

  4. HI again, I am so glad Beau could use the clothes! I will try and get Grandma up there this fall, before it snows! I don't have your email address, I only got the link for your blog, your mom showed me a few pictures, and I wanted the link so I could see them all, you do take really great pictures!