August 11, 2008

How does your garden grow?

Our tomatoes are starting to turn- it's going to be a good yield when they do. Most of the cornstalks are way over our heads.
We've been snitching some early carrots each night to go with dinner, and fresh cucumbers too.
Last week I even made coleslaw thanks to a cabbage from my sister's garden not far from here, accompanied by a few carrots from ours'.

Here's Beau, our "Where's Waldo" of the garden. He likes it in there.
We've got onions here in the foregound, leading toward a few rows of carrots which Beau stands behind. Tomatoes & potatoes to his rear, and sweet corn to his side.
Radishes were done and consumed long long ago. The one thing I'm not certain of what we'll do with yet is the abundant section of Rutabaga not pictured... but we'll just have to experiment with it.
It's a nice little plot this year. A very practical one, & efficient - not a foot of wasted space!


  1. found this on rutabagas. i get to try it if you make it

  2. I copied down the directions. Thanks for finding that, sounds pretty cimple & tasty.
    We've been slicing a couple of them up like carrot sticks for dunking, Mitch thinks Grandma Dee used to serve 'em like that on her vegie trays.
    Mashed, sauted in butter, slow cooked in a crockpot with venison, we'll probably have tried it all before we're through with them!