September 26, 2008


We've steadily been harvesting our garden a little here & a little there.

Noteworthy that it is Septmeber 26th and our growing season has not been brought to a halt by hard frost. Over the past decade of growing goods in our little food plot, I've documented the killing freeze to have come to stay about a week ago every year until now.
This year the tomatoes continue to shine red on the vine out there like Christmas ornaments, and we continue to harvest leisurely, no race to beat Jack Frost yet.

It would've been interesting for us to record in weight just how much of each type of produce we grew & consumed this year, but the idea came to me too late.

It has been a year for tomatoes. I kept on top of pruning them, and they've been ripening readily for months now. If I had to guess a weight - I'd say we'll hit close to 100# of tomatoes by the time we're through.

Not a bad season for carrots either. I'm guessing at a solid 50 pounds. Sweet, fragrant carrots, most of them eaten fresh (some chewed on for hours by Beau, straight out of the ground...) some shared with others, and many yet to be blanched & frozen for winter stews & roasts.

Here is the first load of potatoes we dug up. Enough to hold us over for a while.  Some hefty ones.

A fraction of our onions are pictured in this basket.
They have been steadily consumed over the past couple of months, too.

We've had a few feasts of juicy sweet corn on the cob...

And enjoyed about a cucumber a day for some time now.
I'm quite pleased at how well the kids are loving their veggies these days!

I've found that rutabagas are most popular here at our house stewed in a crockpot with venison, carrots & onion...
Part of a satisfying experience that we had preparing a meal exclusively from things harvested here at home.
Many more like it to come.


  1. All looks and sounds good. We'll be waiting for a supper invite.

  2. Wow! That is fabulous. Your veggies look absolutely terrific! You'll have to give us some pointers so we can improve our garden next year!