September 8, 2008

Off to School

He's off. School days have begun for Johnathan. He is now a Kindergartener.

I was recently asked if I'm "used to it by now," referring to the kids' first day of school - "do you get emotional or I suppose you're used to it by now."

Sending the kids off for such a long day is something I never get used to. I suppose I get used to it in the sense that I adjust our routine to accommodate the school schedule... but used to it as in desensitized to it, not at all.
Especially tough this year sending Johnathan.
It's been five years (they are now in FIFTH grade!) since I first began dropping Mason & Eric off at school to spend our days apart, and so I hadn't had to further readapt in this monumental way as a mom in that long.
Almost 6 years enjoying Johnathan with me every day of his life, it's awfully different not having him around. I particularly have a tough time waking him from his warm bed in the morning, when I'd rather just watch him in his sweet slumbering, small child sleep.

But he's been all smiles about it. Feeling very big & special. He tells us with the most bashful, yet proud smile that he's a "young man" now.
His world has grown. He shares his days with many new people.
And then he returns home, the place he continues to learn the most & loves the most.

There is peace in knowing our home is our kids' first classroom in life, where they learn the most each day... not necessarily academically, but as far as values & experiences that are shaping them to be who they are & what they'll be.
And for them, peace & security in that it remains this in a steadfast way; the place that they know with consistency they will return to each day after venturing away.

So I send them off each morning. And in the afternoon I await them, excited to hear about their day. They are met by eager younger siblings who look up to them & are happy to see them. And they are greeted by a McGee tail that has never wagged faster than when they step off that bus.
They fill me in on the day's events, and then get right to business; learning, helping, & playing with things they enjoy at home... Things that cannot be found in a classroom.


  1. That was so beautiful, you made me cry! I understand completely how you feel.... It's so lonesome without them. I can't wait until the time for us to go meet them.

  2. I shed a few tears here too; I remember the long days waiting for the bus to come home...

  3. Oh, that is so special! Your kids are so lucky to have you!!