November 25, 2008

Notorious "Family Photo" Time

It's that time of year. We attempted our annual family photos a couple of weekends back.
The more our family grows, the less my approach of using the self timer on the camera seems to be successful.
But I keep reminding myself that it still beats trying to get us all somewhere to have them taken...
Anyhow, it was cold, cold, COLD, in the teens & windy. Everyone's eyes were watering and noses turning red and asking "Can we go back inside?" Don't know why I never think to do this a month or two sooner!
We only got a few shots off, but there may be one possible keeper...We'll see.
Or they may all just love me a whole whopping bunch more when I suggest we try it again if we get a nice day! :)
Maybe I should borrow someone to stand behind the camera & act goofy for me so that everyone will look that direction and smile.
Or if only I could just make monkey sound effects or something silly sounding come from the camera... Now I wonder why they haven't thought of that? Self Timer Sound Effects. Perhaps I should patent the idea. :)


  1. Very cute photo! You all look great! How did you get that cool border around the picture???

  2. This picutre's not our keeper, but it was fun to try to squeeze us all into the front porch of the playhouse. :)
    The border comes from a photo program Mitch gave me for Christmas last year and unfortunately I use much to seldom! (it's a tad too complex for everyday for me) I like that border, though - so took the extra time to load pics through the program. Fitting for the usual "rolls & rolls" it takes for us to get a suucessful group pic. :)

  3. I think your picture is great! You always do such a good job. Have a wonderful Christmas Season!

  4. Good lookin' group. Gotta get Lil some gloves next time.