March 25, 2009

Wind & Ice; A Date

Sunday afternoon Mitch & I decided to go spend the afternoon together in Duluth. Thought we'd check out the ice status on the big Lake, have a nice dinner, & make a couple of stops on the way out of town.
What we didn't plan on was 40+ mph sustained wind gusts coming off Lake Superior all afternoon. I was quickly reminded of the last time we headed downtown to the Canal Park waterfront... when it hailed like mad. Maybe next time I'll remember to check the weather!
It made for an interesting afternoon & evening downtown & along the icy Superior shore.
The wind made it difficult to walk, stand, open our car doors, open our eyes for that matter! ...but it kept the crowds at bay. And although it kept the seagulls from being able to fly, it didn't enitrely knock us down. I only lost my footing a few times. :)
We attempted to stroll around the lake front shops, but we did so more in a bent over-like fashion, holding our hats tight to our heads with both hands, trying to gain arrow dynamics to march onward. :)
Browsed through a small art gallery and had a delcious dinner, then headed up the shore a ways, stopping several times to check out the ice pile ups, before quickly running back to shelter each time. Mitch was a good sport, letting me indulge in my image capturing obsession.
Tough as it was to hold a camera steady (it was almost blowing away,) let alone stand or see, I got a handful of pictures of the ice along the shore.
I should note that with nonstop 40 mph winds, my CMOS sensor (inside the lens when the shutter flips) got blasted with icy debris and there are speckles on most of these pics. I edited a few, but there was a lot of it.

We watched some stacked up slabs of ice sail southward.

Further north, the ice was pushed up in higher piles, such a pretty color, and much greater size than photos share.

All in all, another atypical, good time.
The windiest conditions either of us have ever seen.
We had fun, tears streaming and all.  And kept all of our car doors from flying off their hinges.

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