April 18, 2009

"The earth has music for those who listen." William Shakespeare

Some notes:
-Johnathan has acquired a dusting of the finest little freckles across his nose & face. We love freckles. I'll try to get a better picture soon.

-Monday he said to me, "Today is a really good day." I thought that was a pretty great thing to hear.
-Also this week, Johnathan took off riding dirtbike with out training wheels on it. And on his regular bike, he leared to do "dough-nuts just like Mason & Eric."
-Beau's vocabulary is growing by leaps & bounds, seems since I posted about his most common words a week ago, the list took off like a rocket, and those already on it became more clear. The latest include broom, mud boots, brown, and he now says Lilly's name perfectly. I liked LaLa, too, though. :)
-The frogs are out! Johnathan hushed us all after dinner throughout the week, saying "Everyone be quiet! I'm listening for frogs!" Finally on Friday they surfaced. Today we listened to what they had to say about the long winter down under.
-The ice is off the pond and the boat is in. The kids rowed around completely content for a long while tonight, enjoying it.

-I've failed to mention that Mason & Eric recently both got braces on. A busy past month or two with dentist & orthodontist appointments. I've thought a lot about things in stages of teeth lately. (Sounds odd I know.) How tiny & toothless they once were. Then the stage of getting in their first little teeth, one at a time (well, in their case, two at a time; they got many of their first teeth within a day of eachother.) Later on, losing their first tooth. Having spacey smiles... Then growing in their first big permanent teeth. And now the stage of braces. They're looking sporty, and growing up.
-Lilly has become our first child to build something out of legos and then dress it in little baby doll clothes. The things I find in her room just never cease to amuse me. :)

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  1. freckles and frogs, mudboots, boats and braces...its a wonderful life!