June 1, 2009

Birthday Ducks

All Lilly wanted for her birthday was, "A baby duckling, in a box, and you can wrap it in paper."
For weeks leading up to her five year mark, this was her birthday wish.

So when the big day came, Mitch came home after work with four little ducklings (kahki cambpells like we had years ago.) I quickly wrapped the box in pink & purple striped paper out in the garage, and we brought it in for her to open.

The ducklings were cheep-cheep-cheeping away, but in all the excitement, she didn't seem to hear them, and seemed to have no clue at all that there were ducks inside her present. (We had to stop her from turning the box upside down while opening it.) Actually, the whole day had passed and she never said a word about getting a present at all, it didn't seem to cross her mind.
She was thoroughly surprised... and I've never seen a kid more happy than she was. Wish I could post all the pictures of the expressions on her face...

Last I heard, their names are Tulip, Daisy, Rose & Gladys.
Johnathan seemed to be feeling pretty envious of Lilly having her own ducklings, so she said he could have two and she could have two. 
Then she said, "Oh wait, Beau can have two, and you can have one, Johnathan, and I can have one."

We decided she was the world's best birthday sharer this year, as she enthusiasticly shared everything she got.
All she could say for hours was "Thank you for the ducklings, Daddy!" and shower him in smiley hugs & love.

A few pictures of the birthday girl with her cake, as well:
One strawberry cake and one pan of brownies with a big pink frosted number five.

I've said it before, but I swear it again, we have the easiest kids on earth to please.


  1. Priceless....
    Her look says it all!

  2. She got ducks for her birthday. That is very cool.

    Thanks for those great pics - a distant second to being there to see it unfold.

  3. Oh my gosh, the beautiful expressions on Lilly's face! Thanks for sharing! Great job, Mitch! And Amanda for being a wife and mom who can take care of duckies. :-)