June 19, 2009

Canada June 2009

We've returned from a thousand mile round trip to the place we found back here.
Our debut trip as a family to a place that will produce memories for years to come.
Crossed paths with six moose & fourteen bears along our way through hundreds of miles of thick unspoiled wilderness.
No electricity for a week. No clocks. No mirrors. No cell phone service for almost 400 miles. And no need or desire for any of them.
Just water, rock, and mossy woods, all the fish we could ever eat, and a cozy cabin overlooking it all.
Most people say when they've returned from a vacation or getaway, that it's back to the "real world." But coming back, I felt very much that we were returning to the artificial world.

It was a good time. Good company, good weather, sunny and warm (almost 90!) everyday except for one quick, adventurous, soaked, evening storm on the lake.
Every day Lilly and Johnathan insisted "Let's stay six more days!"
Some photos and brief description:

Finally to the end of the highway... almost there!

A young bull moose on our way up: 
He let us watch him for quite a while and take many photos.

Arriving at sunset, transferring from land to water for the final jaunt of the trip:

Eric, with a morning shore catch in front of the cabin. His second Canadian cast.

We passed by this small waterfall everyday on our way to fish to the sound of rushing rapids:
One of many evening walleyes making it's way into our boat. (And some of our kids in the boat in the background.)

When Lilly wasn't busy passing out minnows, she was catching her fair share of walleyes, too.

Love the look on her face as she reels them in, fighting.

Johnathan caught many fish & had a BLAST. He'd fish all day every day if he could.
Dinner. (above)
Late sunsets & campfires each night (below):  
Cooling down in some brisk lake water, a.k.a. bathing cabin style.
Beau & Lilly enjoyed this. (It was hot.)
Lilly made this little moss tree and planted it with care.

The ground is a very interesting thing up that way, as is it's cover.

Of the fourteen bears we saw, none of them were seen near this location. :)
Beau was an absolute trooper out on the lake, getting chewed up by gnats, or what the locals call black flies.

He got in some evening napping on the water. 
Another moose on our way home. 
I think that's about all the pictures I can get on for now.
We look forward to getting back up there for more.
A good place to be.


  1. I love all the pictures. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! What a great way to spend with the family!

  2. It was such a good way to get away. But I must admit, a lot of work too! We were all exhausted by the end of every day. We had lots to do, shaping things up, but it's almost all done. Maybe next time we'll be able to go up and kick back a little bit. :)

  3. i love all those pics too. i would love to go there.

  4. :) Yay! More pictures please. ;)

  5. Envy mode - wow. You have quite a future with that place it seems.

    Great photos - thanks.