June 1, 2009

Quiet Sunday Evening

Here's what was happening when the sun came out after a cold rainy Sunday at our house...

Mitch fired up the sawmill just down the driveway a bit and sawed some logs. A very nice leisure activity to have taken up, resulting in many fine boards & a pleasing scent in the air.

Johnathan, Lilly & Beau broke out the 3D sidewalk chalk & paint Lilly got for her birthday from Granny & Gramps, and peacefully indulged their inner artists.

Apple Trees on concrete, by Lilly

Meanwhile, Mason & Eric played some friendly b-ball just a few yards away.
In matching articles of clothing, no less!
That is a rarity.
(this photo taken by Johnathan, he's taken quite an interest in my cameras lately.)

And me, I watched on from the sidelines taking pictures & strolled around, checking the status of the garden, the hostas, & lilacs.

There you have it, quiet Sunday evening at our house.