June 3, 2009

Summer Vacation Week One

It's day three of summer vacation, and so far it's been a great week.
We've been recharging, sleeping in, soaking up sun, using paint brushes, tools, imaginations...

We haven't left the property yet. But that doesnt mean we haven't been going places...
A boy after my own heart, Johnathan's been eagerly wanting to take pictures of all there is to observe around us lately, so I borrowed him my smallest camera to take out with us exploring.
He reveled in taking pictures of his siblings and the small plant life growing along the way.

This photo was taken by him, he was downright thrilled with each young maple tree he found.
A summer vacation kick-off tradition, the same old turtle was scooped out of the pond for a picture.
The photo below photo was also taken by Johnathan.
A few leopard frogs have been caught and the tadpole population is thriving. We've got some in the little habitat for observation.

Pogo, the rescued bunny, is also thriving, easily doubled or more in size, living the good life with an endless buffet of alfalfa, cheerios & fresh water delivered to him. The ducklings, tadpoles & bunny are quite the entertainment.

Mason & Eric have been jumping their dirtbikes, working on the old go-cart, & playing football in the backyard.
This afternoon we're planting Lilly's birthday flowers and then headed off to drop off recycling, stock up on groceries, & a trip to the park, our great big exciting outing of the week. :)

If only the summer could stay at this pace.... I'm willing to give it my best effort.


  1. hi i have 5 kids also. i came by this way via "charming kids". you have pretty pics and music. our kids are close in ages too.

  2. Thanks for saying hi, I started reading the MCK bog because I enjoyed her photography.
    I've noticed I've had visitors from new locations lately, it's nice when they say hi. I appreciate the comment.

  3. Beautiful post Amanda - you have been blogging for ages. I DO love letting the young ones use a camera and some of their shots are always worth keeping.