July 11, 2009


I looked outside the other morning and saw Lilly in her beloved old purple tutu, pink floppy hat, and a pair of red mud boots.
She wore this all day, fishing, playing trucks & tractors on the porch with Johnathan, running across the yard, & casually eating Long Johns that Granny stopped by with.
She's always had a pretty strong sense of style & knack for accessorizing. Here she was just two, going on three years old.
Yesterday I found her catching snails in the pond in the same tutu, but with added butterfly wings and a pair of safety goggles that came with the pressure washer in our garage.
It's hard for me to find words for the many emotions these little ensembles of hers bring me...
First, they always make me smile.
Second, it makes me so very aware of what we'd be missing out on had we not been surprised with a daughter. The boys are really not into changing clothes several times a day to express themselves.
But mostly, this is all followed by feelings much more complex than those.
All I can say is that it makes me feel good that Lilly feels good in whatever her fashion taste for the day is.

There will come a day when likely she will know of things like self consciousness, and there will be stages later on when she will become aware, or concerned with what other people think.

I savor her priceless stage of innocence & pure freedom ...
to fish, play, climb trees, go grocery shopping...
completely carefree & comfortable
whether she be in bright colored tutus,
or grubby sweatshirts & jeans.

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