July 9, 2009

Pond Fun & Good Wear

We had a variety of pond activity going on late this afternoon.
Lilly fished...
Johnathan caught frogs, tadpoles that are mostly turning into frogs, & snails. (He currently has a snail "collection" in a habitat on the front porch.)
Beau played with night crawlers.
And I mean played. He was very entertained with them and focused on them.
He even put the little container in a small hole in the ground and sat on it, watching the rest of the action for a while.
And there was plenty to watch, as Mason & Eric worked on their splashing & swimming skills.

This is the first year ever that anyone has really swam in our pond. Now these two have been doing so every day and seem to be enjoying it.

A variety of activity indeed.

Anyway, Lilly takes her fishing very seriously these days, even with all this splashing madness around her, and asked that I take her picture.

She even offered to teach me how to cast.
See the expert way she gracefully releases her little two finger hold on the line & lever?

Then this evening I got to looking at the pictures she asked me to take, and I was reminded of other photos of this same girl in these same clothes...
Like when she wore the same shirt two summers ago when she just turned three...

...and the shorts brought me back to our trip to the SD Badlands in 2006 when she'd just turned two. Here she is overlooking Rapid City in them.

Wow. She certainly does get good wear out of her clothes.

AND she can cast,

and concentrate while surrounded by WWF ninja divers.

And somehow I made it another day with no one getting hooked. :)


  1. lol those are all great pics. she was so cute as a 2 year old too.

  2. What a wonderful summer life! Each has their own incredible style for certain (Mason & Eric should maybe be up for an award in freestyle form!) Great days...

  3. Great action shots. I'd like to see you and Mitch in some of those shots. Are the kids catching fish out of there?