November 5, 2009


Some random Tree thoughts...

Some of my very favorite trees are big old oak trees, the ones I was surrounded by growing up near the narrow, northern beginnings of the Mighty Mississippi.
Also ever present though, and often overlooked until I visit somewhere where there are none, are the big old spruces & pines ever present in the parts we call home. I'm appreciating lately their jagged, peaking profiles offering up contrast to the skylines we see each day.

I recall we had a plum tree growing up, but I don't ever remember wanting to taste any of those plums. My kids are more adventurous than I am in the tasting department, and enjoyed some tart plums off the plum tree in Granny's grove this September.

We planted several fruit trees this year, in what we're creating to be our orchard. Two pear, two Honeycrisp apple, and a cherry tree. We look forward to their growth and hope to enjoy their fine fruits in the future.

Just as Mason & Eric have done in springs, summers & falls past... Johnathan, Lilly & Beau have also taken to spending plenty of time in the tree fort or hanging from a limb somewhere.
A basswood and a maple in our backyard are favorites for climbing in, as is a certain climbing tree at Granny & Grampa's for all the cousins.

We are disappointed that all of our Ash trees are dying. Due to the curse of some kind of bug, the many, many, ash trees on our property have been showing progressing signs of doom.
Our ash tree swamp is a place we've grown fond of for it's unique beauty, and I am sad to pass through the woods and think of all those great tall trees being dead & gone.
We hope to not let them waste, though.. many will be sawed into nice boards to put to use somewhere.

I can see a bird's nest in the tree out my window right now.
The leaves have all fallen yet again. While we had a strange, cold, wet & snowy fall, we did find a few dry days to enjoy playing in them, as is a tradition of all childhoods, or should be. :)

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