December 11, 2009

Chocolate Cookies & Trimming the Tree

We've been feeling the rush (and strong longing of young children!) to get a Christmas tree. We already have a family celebration to attend this weekend, and I was really fretting over not having a tree up before we go. What with school & work, there's just no daylight for us to go find a tree together during the week.
But Mitch rescued us from our tree conundrum Weds. night.
There was a large pine tree next to our garage that had been badly uprooted with the skidsteer this summer. Though we tried to straighten & stake it back into place, there was no saving it. It was dying, turning brown at the bottom already. So we decided we'd make the best of it and use part of it for our Christmas tree, rather than cut a healthy living one. We got it in and situated, did some pruning. One of our more ragged beast loooking trees... but a tree nonetheless, always wonderful in the eyes of small children.
Last night we made cookies and then decorated, turning it from beastly to beauteous!
The kids love all the special ornaments with stories behind them, they want to know where every one of them came from. I love that our tree is getting more filled with handmade decorations from them each year! Many, many of them have been contributed by Mason & Eric. (Much thanks to their wonderful teachers over the years!)

Making cookies in helpful harmony!

Getting a little chocolatey...

One of my favorite Eric ornaments:

Lilly with the star that's topped out tree for twelve years now:

Beau was such a good decorator!!

Johnathan, too! He & Lilly get the biggest kick out of the ornaments Mitch's Grandma Dee has made over the years. We've got a fantastic collection of clever Santas from her.

When we were done, Lilly disappeared into her room for a while.
She came out with this "Ernament" that she'd cut out of notebook paper. She's a very fine cutter. It's an angel. (In heeled shoes.) Polkadot dress, intricately cut paper halo, and all. :)

Eric, putting up his Kindergarten ornament.

Mason, putting up his.

The end result. :)

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