December 14, 2009

Wish Lists

I hand decorated these stockings for Mason & Eric's first Christmas. They were just weeks old and small enough to fit in them. It took me quite a while, cutting out felt shapes and stitching them on. (I had more time to do things slowly way back then... that has changed with added children and all of them on the go!)
I think I ran out of the stuff I was stitching Mason's name with and it just said Maso and the first line in the 'n', looking like 'Masoi' when it hung that first year.

Anyhow, thinking of those two, and how they've grown... I've come to the conclusion that you can tell a lot about a person by the things they wish for.
Likely their interests, hobbies, that sort of thing. But maybe even a little more...
Here's what Mason & Eric wrote on their Christmas wish lists this year:


insulated hunting bibs
hunting boots
insulated mud boots
buck knife
good NCAA football
chocolate chip cookies
tuna fish

waterproof warm boots
buck knife
NFL football
warm gloves for hunting
choc. chip cookies
rice crispy bars
peanut butter cookies
grand bars
beef sticks
summer sausage

Their lists tell me that they are easy to please twelve year olds in today's world!
That they like the outdoors.
That they don't need buttons or screens or flashy things to entertain or occupy them.
And that I guess I don't buy tuna fish all that often. :)
And that they like a good sweet treat, but that they are just that, treats. Not everyday munchies.
They tell me that they're practical... there is nothing frivolous or wasteful on those lists that would go unused or tired of in a few hours or days.
And realistic! I think when I was around their age my wish list including things like my driver's license & a tattoo. ;)
Mostly, it tells me that they're pretty good kids, who know humility & are anything but greedy.

As for the younger kids... With Johnathan, it's kind of like him only wanting a cake for his birthday. He wants legos and only legos for Christmas. He loves legos, builds with them everyday.
Lilly wants a "Christmas song." She means a cd. She likes music.
Beau, well he doesn't fully understand it yet, the wanting thing.. but to try to match the other kids and come up with something, he's said a few times now that he wants a bunny.

Low expectations make for fun surprises. I look forward to a simple & joyful Christmas morning. :)


  1. i love that they want food! I said to my mom that if I wrapped up boxes of cookies and oreos for my youngest 2 kids they would be sooooo happy. really, thats all they want. I didn't get that for them I just got other stuff but I still think it would be funny if I did.

    My older 2 boys just want legos and something star wars.

  2. These guys are definitely getting tuna fish & summer sausage in their stockings! :) (along with some other fun things)