December 25, 2009

( 2009: our year in headlines )
Beau turned two in February (& has continued to delight us & everyone he’s met all year since.)
We’ve been a diaper free household, DAYS & NIGHTS,
for the majority of the year!
Mitch, along with my Dad, both brother-in-laws and Bill 3, went on a 9 day sub-zero remote winter expedition to northern Ontario to work on the newly acquired cabin. THEY ALL LIVED TO TELL THE TALES.
Mason & Eric got Braces
Mitch, Mason, Eric, & I returned to Kentucky in early May,
where Mitch coached the boys & their team of 18 at the National Archery in the Schools Tournament.
We visited the Louisville Science Center, The Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, the General Patton Museum, & Civil War Fort Duffield. We also returned to Abe Lincoln’s boyhood home on Knob Creek.
Spring brought studies of woodland wildflowers beyond our backdoor.
Pogo the bunny was saved.
TV Land went digital & we lost our 1 ½ channels.
We became TV free & love it.
Lilly learned how to ride a bike.
She got ducklings for her 5th birthday.
Johnathan graduated from kindergarten,
returning to his studies on the pond for the summer.
Many leisurely days of fishing, frogs, toads, snails, & swimming were shared.
We welcomed a new niece.
McGee matured from pup to young dog.
One day a hummingbird made itself a guest in our kitchen.
We celebrated a dozen years of marriage.
We planted 5 fruit trees in our orchard.
Our 11th annual garden was a mixed success, due to weather conditions.
Mitch gave me my first guitar & I love it.
We headed up to Canada twice as a family, book-ending the kids’ summer vacation;
a solid week of getting back to basics in June,
& another enjoyable trip the end of August.
Many hours were spent together on the water,
all seven of us in one small boat;
Some of us fishing, some of us reading,
some of us playing in the minnow bucket.
No one was hooked or went overboard!
We worked. We rested. We caught, cleaned, & consumed more walleyes than in our whole lives prior.
Time away from phones & electricity was appreciated.
Fall arrived. Lilly learned to tie her shoes & began kindergarten everyday.
She has the same wonderful teacher all her big brothers have had & LOVES it.
Beau was left to spend his days home alone with Mom.
Johnathan became a 1st grader, lost his first two teeth,
& turned 7 years old.
Mason & Eric finished their pony league football careers as starting QB & RB.
They like 6th grade. They turned twelve!
Though I make double batches of everything for dinner,
Mitch went solo in his contracting business at the start of the year, a change for the good.
The building trade has seen busier times, we’re thankful for what work has come our way.
His reputation for skill & quality are unsurpassed. (should anyone know someone with building or remodeling needs!) :)
Lilly colored hundreds of beautiful pictures.
I took a zillion photographs.
Mason & Eric took to shooting flying objects out of the air with bow & arrow. (Who needs video games?)
Johnathan became a log chopping, wood splitting lumberjack.
He started writing his name as “John” on school work.
Beau discovered, learned, & Grew. Greatest of all in character.
We all enjoyed taking part in the process.
Mitch took some time to go bow hunting in northwest North Dakota with a good friend in October.
They didn’t get any deer, but had a good trip.
Just after returning, he arrowed a deer here at home.
I made two fast weekend trips to the KC area to visit a friend:
In January we enjoyed seeing original artworks of Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Monet, Rembrandt, & more at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.
And in late October, we explored the Ozark Nat’l Scenic Riverways of southern Missouri.
(I highly recommend both places if you happen to be passing through the middle of our country sometime.)

Winter has come again.
We’re thankful for family & friends, health & home, & for each other.
We wish you happiness this Christmas & throughout The New Year!
Love, Mitch, Amanda, Mason, Eric, Johnathan, Lilly & Beau

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