March 25, 2010

sw trip : day 3

Kolob Canyons

I particularly liked the part of the mountain lion signs that read, "If attacked, fight back."
Made for good scheming of the imagination.

The hillside was covered in animal tracks galore.
Leaving Kolob, we crossed Cedar Mountain via Utah's Hwy 14, which was closed to trucks & vehicles without chains. It was an interesting drive, tunneling through snow, climbing above 11,000 ft. to the plateau, not knowing what would be around each bend. Most sideroads were buried in 9 ft. of snow. As were the road signs, except for the one warning us as we passed through an avalanche danger area.

Beautiful snow up there near Cedar Breaks & Brian Head.

On through Red Canyon.
Loved it there.

Explored among bristlecone pines & elk sign.
Mitch, eying up some climbing to be done.
If you look close, he's peeking his head out about mid-photo.

Our mudding adventure brought us to these tracks, big cat, perhaps?
Atop the Colorado Plateau. Nice place to be.


  1. Wow Awesome! I would love to see that someday.

  2. Man oh man. What a cool place to be. Love the photos and the note that you saw bristlecone pine. ~3,000 years old I think... ??