March 25, 2010

bryce canyon

Snowy & windy day at Bryce Canyon.
According to their website, Bryce hasn't had this much snow in years. It was deep! And we left our winter gear at home in Minnesota.
We were greeted by this raven, who liked Mitch & almost hopped into our car.
Quite the beak & claws.
Overlook at Rainbow Point, elevation 9115 ft.
Really faint in the distance is Navajo Mountain, 90 miles from where we stood.
Stellar's Jay
Natural Bridge, really a natural arch. Elevation 8627 ft.
Ravens at Farview Point, elevation 8819 ft.
Mitch at Agua Canyon, elevation 8,800 ft... quite a drop off.
Hoodoos at Bryce Point. Elevation 8300 ft.
Grottos at Bryce Point
Tree at Rim Trail to Inspiration Point.
Sunset Point
Tracks down in the canyon, we would've liked to put on some snowshoes & get down in there.
Sunrise Point, fellow Minnesotans took our photo. We also ran into Canadians. Must have been the weather.

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  1. I LOVE bryce canyon in the winter! I went once in college and it is so beautiful to see the bright bold orange with white snow scattered about. Thanks for commenting on my blog:)