March 17, 2010

sw trip : day 1

I don't think the link to the facebook album actually worked. Figures, when I try to take the easy route. ;)
I have a hard time passing on sharing photos. So since there are a lot of them, I'll just try to pick a few from each part of our trip & post in segments.

Day one, we landed in Las Vegas, hopped into our rental car, and hightailed it out of that ridiculous city.
I imagine, like most placess, it might not be all bad... but the impression I got was pretty smutty & wasteful as we headed out of town on the interstate. We had no interest in stopping anywhere. (No offense.. just not our thing.) So off we were to bigger & better things... (Again, bigger & better being in the eyes of the beholder.)
We left Nevada, entering NW Arizona's Virgin River Gorge, a stunning drive through crosswinds.

Our first stop was the Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area.
Just us, and a couple of cattle roaming near the river.
We climbed around, I should mention right off that Mitch doesn't like staying on paths or trails.
Right away, caught up in the freedom of fresh air & taking photographs, I got stuck by one of these guys.

The shadows were dramatic as the sun dipped down behind canyon walls.

As we headed toward St. George, UT to find a resting point, we weren't leaving the Virgin River behind, but would pretty much be following it around, crossing paths with it the rest of our trip, to it's very end where it runs into the Colorado River & Lake Mead.


  1. Amazing pictures.. I am very Jealous that you were able to go! I bet you had a great time :)

  2. It was beautiful, Katie, and things to see to the left & right everywhere we went. We'd love to drive back to the area with the kids.
    You guys have been to Alaska, right? Mitch would be SO jealous of that.. he really wants to go there.

  3. I like that slanted pic of climbing by the river.

    Cool trip. I'm envious.