March 18, 2010

sw trip : day 2 : east zion

We entered Zion National Park bright & early, & absolutely loved it there. It was great time to visit, we were able to have free navigation around the park (unlike summer months,) and the number of visitors was mild like the weather.

Exploring near the Canyon Junction, under & over many big rocks.
See Mitch there in both photos?

Water streaming down rock face, leaving it's dramatic ribbon markings.

Exploring Pine Creek

The two of us on Pine Creek

Climbing the Canyon Overlook Trail. (or somewhat near it, in Mitch's case.)

Along these goat paths on the cliff sides was a lot of desert bighorn sheep sign!

While Mitch was off following tracks, a passerby from Grand Rapids, MI insisted on taking my photo. The people we ran into throughout the trip were all very nice like that.
Much sheep sign under this cliff side alcove.

Pretending to fall on this man-made portion of trail over thin air... knowing how much that kind of thing freaks me out. Mitch is hilarious like that.

Trees. Where trunks start & roots end is hard to decipher.

Light at the end of the Zion Mt. Carmel tunnel.

Every time we called home, Johnathan asked about the car we were driving, "Did you take a picture of it?" So this is the picture for Johnathan. It was a good car for fuel economy, but not so good for muddy dirt-road navigating. It was put to the test.

Snow melt
Exploring a creek bed, the view looking up.

Quiet except for the sound of falling water.

One of the window holes in the 1.1 mile tunnel.


  1. the part about the car pic makes me laugh. I have been through that area and I don't think its possible to ever truely capture the beauty of that area in any pic. Its more of a place you have to experience to understand it.

  2. Wonderful pictures Amanda. Seems you guys really enjoyed your time out there!!! :)