March 19, 2010

sw trip : zion canyon

Down in the main canyon, near the Court of Patriarchs.
The mule deer were very accustomed to humans.

Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock, stained ribbons from water.

The falls at the Temple of Sinawava. The ampitheater's vertical walls are about 3,000 ft. here, to give some idea of the height of the water falling.
Riverside Walk

To The Narrows, the canyon lighting gave the impression it was getting late.

Emerald Pools, one below us in this photo, more above.

Onward & upward...

Small patch of cat tails, way up.

The view along our way back down.

Sundown, Watchman & the North Fork Virgin River.


  1. A lot to take in there. I'm glad you were able to make that trip. Great photos as always.

  2. So much to take in. It was hard to lay our boundaries. So much more just beyond in every direction. The Grand Canyon signs were taunting us.. kept telling us it was only fifty-some miles away, but that was the north rim, and roads were closed & snowed in. We'd have had to travel hundreds of miles to go around to the accessable side. Hard to be that close though.
    More parks of Utah just further north & east. Death Valley not too far off in the other direction from where we came.
    Still, we were pleased with what we did see. Packed in a lot in the timeframe we had.
    Having a piddly time at getting photos on here, but plugging away at it.