March 13, 2010

southwest trip & rainy day updates

The kids haven't seen their Dad in ten days. A much anticipated homecoming is expected later today.

Mitch & I headed out to explore some of the southwest this past week. We had a wonderful time, saw much varied terrain & beauty, made a bit of an adventure of it.
Points of interest were Arizona's Virgin River Gorge, Southern Utah's Zion National Park, and higher up in elevation, Bryce Canyon National Park. Red Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP, Kaibab Paiute land, Pipe Spring Nat'l Monument, Nevada's Valley of Fire, the north shore of Lake Mead & Lake Mead National Recreation area, the Hoover Dam & Colorado River.

I'm a bit reluctanct to admit this (goes against tradition), but facebook albums are a much easier way to share large amounts of photos and a faster way to post captions to them than here in blog form.. so if interested, check out our southwest album here.
It was a great trip.

After returning home at 1:30 am, exhausted (in a good way, but exhausted nonetheless,) Mitch left around 6:00 the same morning to start a building project up on the Canadian border waters.
He's hard working like that, the hardest working person I've known.
So anyway, he only got to peek at the kids asleep while ducking in at home, and they look forward to having him home later today.

Spring thaw has come early, our snow has been disappearing rapidly in mild temps & rain, bringing mud & puddles, and time spent looking out the window.

Many pair of mud boots are in use, we even have a guest pair of pink ones today. (I sure enjoy our kids' friends.)
Snow pants & scarves aren't going into storage just yet -it's always a good possibility we'll get another foot or two of snow. But we sure have a big jump start on melting away the rest of winter.

I just looked out the window and see Eric coming from the woods with a Skil saw... he must be doing improvements to the tree fort. He and Mason don't spend their days playing in the tree fort anymore, but it's nice to see they like to keep working on it for the younger kids to play in.

Johnathan had another Reading Celebration at school yesterday, celebrating the reading progress in the first grade room. Beau broke out in his tribal-like dance when the first graders performed the feet-feet-foot song. Good times.

While exploring a canyon in Zion National Park, I spotted this rock formation that looked to me just like the head of a Parasaurolophus, so I snapped a photo for Johnathan.
He was anxious to see it when we got home, and his matter of fact response was, (in his calm, considerate, soft spoken voice,) "Well, that doesn't really look like a parasaurolophus, because they have that different shaped thing on their heads." But he did see many dinosaur resemblences in photos of other rocks & sandstone beds.

Maybe that was just out of politeness to make me feel good after the parasaurolophus correction. :)


  1. we drove through all those sites too when we drove from CA to PA 2 years ago.

    facebook is surely much dh does the facebooking

  2. spring time is great, hmmm? I had a hard time putting a name to Beau's dance moves and your description fits perfectly!