May 27, 2010


I've mentioned before that our plant was long ago a wee little thing, spaded from it's great parent plant over in our neighbor's garden. Earl sent a large enamel bowl full of (composted) horse manure with for good measure, as we're told rhubarb loves horse manure.

Our rhubarb grew & by the time Johnathan was a toddler it's leaves had become a wonderland to play around & under.
Many times they've served as a safe haven for worms rescued from the driveway.

Toads are often placed to dwell under the home of the rhubarb, as well.

Anyway, it now grows great & grand just like the one it came from.
And while it is enjoyed outdoors during growing, it's every bit as equally enjoyed indoors from a plate, or a pan, with forks, or with fingers.
Mitch has been on quite a rhubarb crisp kick this spring, using what we had left in the freezer from last year.
A full 9x13 pan of it is gone almost before you can lay eyes on it.

Always an exciting thing, getting to harvest from the garden in the spring. And this year I believe was our earliest.
We got a heavy 6 inch covering of snow mid-May. It melted fast, though, & the leaves sprung back up & it wasn't bothered a bit.

And when we finally got around to picking, the kids had themselves a good, fun time.
The leaves made great full body camouflage & festive head wear & more.

Who needs plastic toys with batteries?

When the kids were done playing, the leaves were put to use yet again, as they were all added to our compost bin. After taking the pretty pink-bottomed stalks inside & giving them a rinse, I chopped them up & filled 3 big ice cream pails right to their tops.

We'll eat it throughout the year, but it's in the winter that I really appreciate having it on hand. Rather than buying apples or fruit trucked from far, far away, we'll have our rhubarb to make desserts with, right from our dirt here out the door.

It's popular around here.


  1. I LOVE rhubarb! When I was working at that coffee shop in town, we made so many different types of dessert using rhubarb, it was great!! :)

  2. its a PA thing too. makes good pie and sweet bread

  3. Wow those are some HUGE Rhubarb leaves! Crazy

  4. Solid patch there. Rhubarb crisp.