May 28, 2010

Six years ago, and Now

On this day six years ago, I was pregnant, eight days past my due date.   Our doctor wanted to schedule me to be induced that day, but I turned that down, since Mason & Eric were performing in their class play & graduating from kindergarten that afternoon.   
I felt funny (more so than usual, anyway) that day as I rushed myself, carrying young Johnathan & yet-unknown Lilly, into the school.  
By the time the graduation was over & we got home, I knew I was in labor.
I remember so well that day leading up to her arrival.  What Johnathan wore to the school.  His little orange shorts.  (Orange happens to be his favorite color now, he wore it almost every day to school this year.)    How sunny & nice it was, much like today. Conversations with my mom to let her know she'd be on standby in the night.  We picked up carryout pizza to celebrate the graduates and tried to have a normal night.   Eventually I went to bed, tried to sleep.  We headed to the hospital at about 5:30 a.m.   Lilly was born at 7:07 that Memorial weekend Saturday morning.

Today Mason & Eric finished 6th grade & had 7th grade orientation.
This year Lilly was the one to graduate from kindergarten, and this Memorial weekend Saturday morning, she will wake up and be six years old.
Being there at the school and in the classroom, going through all the same motions I went through 6 yrs. ago is such an odd experience.   I felt that way last year, too, when we went through Johnathan's play & graduation..  but even more so this year, when it was Lilly we were watching, from the same place in the same rooms where I did the same things while about to have her the next morning.     
It's hard for me to describe..  just a Groundhog's Day sort of experience or something.
It's doubtful I'll ever experience a day of walking through the same places & events as the day Mason & Eric were born, or Johnathan, or Beau, especially repeatedly on the eve of their birthdays.   

And so anyway, I guess it's been very reminiscent.

Lilly was so shy at her graduation, in front of the big crowd of strangers.   She looked up to find me from her mark throughout the play, looking slightly terrified, but composed, locking eyes as she sang.  
We've been so fortunate to have had the most wonderful kindergarten teacher ever for all of our kids so far. 
Diploma in hand!
Home for the summer.   And six years old tomorrow morning.  
A look back at the morning after Mason & Eric wore the blue caps with the crayon tassels.        


  1. happy birthday to lilly. cute crayon hanging there on the hat.

  2. Happy birthday and congrats on graduation. Hard to believe how all these kids sprout up around us.