May 27, 2010

The S'morito; Things Learned in 6th Grade

As the school year winds down I thought I'd share what I thought was one of the ten best things Mason & Eric learned in 6th grade this year.  
The S'morito.

Late in the year, all the kids in their class had to do a "How To" presentation, demonstrating how to do something or another, of their choice, either live in the class room,  or recorded & shared via smart board screen in front of the class.
Eric did his project on "How to Bowfish."   He demonstrated by shooting at a sunken milk jug in our pond.  (since no fish were currently spawning.)    I'll sneak a little note in here and hope that Eric doesn't see it until he's a few years older & doesn't mind, and mention that he's been experiencing a bit of a voice change. And I have to say that public speaking for a 12.5 year old boy is maybe not the most considerate requirement.    Anyhow, he squeaked his way through, adding his Eric smile here & there, and he nailed that underwater milk jug three times in a row for the video camera.

Mason chose to demonstrate "How to cook Venison."   In his case, a venison back strap steak grilled to perfection.
He was a little bummed when the day came for his presentation to be shown & I asked how it went.  "Even Mr. T laughed" he said, sulky-like.   I asked which part he laughed at, and Mason replied heavily, "All of it."
The thing is, I laughed, too, when I watched it.  Again & again.  
He did a good job, covered his points, grilled up some beauteous steaks, and altogether, it was really humorous.  
We told him that maybe it's a good thing his teacher laughed, that part of being a presenter is keeping the attention of the audience & being somewhat entertaining, not boring.

Anyway,  it sounds like there was an interesting variety of 6th grade presentations...  How to wash a dog.  A large husky dog.  In the classroom, with buckets of water.    (Mason & Eric didn't think their teacher was really crazy about that one.)   How to perform certain wrestling moves.   How to build a birdhouse.  How to reload ammunition.    How to saddle up a horse.  (That was my niece, at my sister's house.)
But the one they came straight home & tried themselves after learning it, was Taylor's S'moritos.

One of the top 10 things Mason & Eric learned in 6th grade - here it is:

Take a flour tortilla shell.   (or a few)
Spread a thin layer of creamy peanut butter on it.
Sprinkle on a handful of chocolate chips.  (The boys like butterscotch, too.  It's really tasty, I admit, but I'm a chocolate lover, and it seems more traditional.   Then again, we're talking tortilla instead of graham cracker, so I guess what does tradition matter.)
Then toss on some mini-marshmallows.    Easy does it, they get pretty oozy if you go wild.

Taylor said to roll it up burrito style and stick a toothpick in it.
Then microwave for 30 seconds.

I say spare the toothpick & heat it flat for 30 seconds. Then roll it up like a burrito. 
(This would also work better if you don't have a microwave, you could heat it on a low temp in a pan on the stove just until things get melty on top.  Then roll.)

And there you have it,  the S'morito.  
Give it a try!


  1. my dd did a how to also in the beginning of the year. she did 'how to make an appleseed bracelet for american girl dolls...

    well I said, do u know how to make that? No she

    If there ever is a next time, next time pick something you actually KNOW how to do! LOL.

  2. hmm.. That sounds good! I might have to give it a try! Thanks :)

  3. They are pretty good, and so QUICK & EASY!