May 21, 2010

Pipe Spring National Monument, AZ. Valley of Fire State Park, NV.

Some further photos from our SW trip:Our time on the Kaibab Paiute Reservation & Pipe Spring National Monument.
Winsor Castle at Pipe Spring
Nor one of the most amazing places we saw along our way, Valley of Fire, an incredibly out of this world Nevada state park.  (Which we visited on a rare day of overcast sprinkling rain weather...  OH! How I agonized, imagining what it would have been like to view against blue skies!)  
Mars-like formations that would make the greatest hide & seek jungle-gym a kid could dream of.  
I see Mitch toward the top left in the photo below.I was crazy for the purple sand & stone.
Prehistoric Petroglyphs, many of them.   It's humbling to think of the roots we humans come from and to wonder about the stories told in these stones.
rock arches
There were some nifty petrified logs, as well. 
Just a really cool place.  We happened upon it mostly by chance, and given the late afternoon hour of our arrival, we left much deeper exploring to be done. 
I'd love to go back some day, maybe catch sight of some Gila Monsters.   And for sure have the kids with.  
One week of school left for them,  I look forward to wherever our path takes us as a family this summer!

Now about that too many photo problem..   I'm going to just skip the Hoover Dam day.   There are still a couple hundred photos I love of our Oregon trip...  and I visited a friend & the giant Redwood trees this past weekend.  I haven't even seen those images yet.   What I need to do is get myself on a good spree...


  1. I love the pictures Amanda!

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  3. Ha Ha nevermind I just noticed you DID! I am just late to the party ;)