June 4, 2010

True Friends

I had posted one of these photos to face book, with these quick words:

"I see it in Mason & Eric, they'll take hits & block for each other anywhere on the field, they are each other's' most dependable & loyal teammate. They've never in their life placed blame on the other for anything. They are as true as two friends get.
I see it in Johnathan & Lilly when we're walking in the Target parking lot & he grabs her hand protectively.  
And then there is Beau.. He got paired up with the dog. :) They love each other."

Well, a few people thought it was really funny & all.   Which, I guess it is.   But I didn't realize it when I was posting it.     I just really meant it.   True, loyal, trusted friends are special, and I'm glad our kids have that in each other.    And even though Beau and McGee did get paired up, and they certainly do display the greatest of trust in each other..   all of his siblings love & look out for him, too.    

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  1. Katie's class did the "Three Piggy Opera", Lizzie's class did the "Three Nanny Goats Gruff", and Ronnie's class did the "Little Red Hen". I can still sing most of the songs. They're pretty catchy, but a bit embarrassing to find myself humming in places like the grocery store (even after all these years)! When I take my students to the rehearsal of the K play, I know I'll get the songs stuck in my head again, but that doesn't stop me! :)