June 7, 2010

Lilly's Sixth Birthday Celebration

Lilly's been a six year old for nearing 10 days now.  She's enjoying summer vacation.  Riding bike.  Sidewalk chalk.  Playing in the sprinkler.  Coloring & cutting endless creations. 
But backing up, she also really enjoyed celebrating her special day.

She asked for a "wedding cake" at kind of the last moment before her big day.  I explained to her bewildered dad that she meant a cake that stacks upward-like. 
So, without a plan, this is what we ended up with on a whim, with six cupcakes on top.
Our first ever "girl"party, Lilly invited three of the friends she made in kindergarten over for the afternoon.

In the past, she's just had cousins, brothers, & friends of the family.
We've had lots of boy parties & mixed parties, but never a girl party. I didn't know what to expect.

Lilly wore a dress, and all three girls arrived in dresses too.
We had pink balloons & pink cups. But that's about where the frills ended.
They started off playing a pretty rigorous game of kickball in the yard with Mitch, a flurry of little dresses  running round & round the bases.
Then they all ditched the dresses & raided Lilly's water-wear drawer. The majority went bareback in her swimming trunks the rest of the day. I was pleasantly surprised at that.  It's the way Lilly spends much of her time, and I thought it was sweet that the other girls felt free to join her.

They played in the sprinkler.  
Then they checked out every fort on our property.
They were very fascinated by Mason & Eric's old tree fort.    
One girl begged to swim in the pond.  Another, nervous as first to step into the boat, became a rowing fanatic, not wanting to ever go ashore again.  Around and around the pond we went.
I could barely get them to come inside to get something to drink (it was hot) or eat cupcakes.  
They even passed on ice cream cones.
The part of the cake that I had planned ahead of time was the inside, tried making multi-colors.   
So I was glad when they finally caved & ate cupcakes so I could see what the insides turned out like.
Lilly's matched her tie-dye dress pretty nicely! 
It was a great day.   Everyone was extremely busy.  Everyone got along.  Lilly was thoroughly, happily exhausted by the time it was over.  
I look forward to the many years ahead of having her friends over.  
Oh, and the next day we made a flower garden for her next to the playhouse.      
We scattered a whole lot of seeds.  It'll be fun to see what comes up.


  1. Tie dye must be very en vouge lately, I see it everywhere. My kids go to 2 different schools and they both had tie dye parties at both schools and both decorated shirts and they keep having tie dye shirt wearing days at their schools.

    I saw a tie dye cake recipe like that in family fun magazine I think?

    cute party/kids.

    oh and i love that stevie nicks song. I have thought of adding that song to my blog.

  2. That's funny - Lilly's kindergarten class did tie dye shirts in the fall, too.

    We just picked up the dress at a rummage sale for a quarter. I like the bright colors.

    The cake & cupcakes just kind of came out that way by chance.. I have a recipe for rainbow cupcakes, which I really wanted to make, but we ended up just having fun mixing colors Lilly likes into the batter, and kind of free form pouring it.
    It would be fun to do camoflauge colors for a boy cake, with greens, black, & brown.