June 14, 2010


I sliced into a 25 pounder today & I believe the kids would have eaten the whole thing if I'd have let them.   Grapes, strawberries & cherries have also been short lasting around here.   And milk, and bread, and honey, and cheese, and pretty much everything in the kitchen.   
They must be growing.   And the watermelon must be good.


  1. I like the strip them down and send them outside technique. It works well over here too! lol

  2. your boys could be twins here! another set of WONDERFUL pictures there Amanda!! You never cease to amaze me! Or anyone for that matter! You are a wonderful mother...keep it up!

  3. Katie, I even make Mason & Eric take their shirts off & go outside too... they're twelve and a half, but they shrug & go ahead.
    Saves on a lot of sticky mess! :)

    Erin - Mitch & I think that often too, about Johnathan & Beau.
    They have nearly identical heads. :)
    Thanks for your kindness & encouragement!