June 17, 2010

The World is Her Canvas

(Though we are trying to veer away from drawing flowers & polkadots on the walls & bedding so much.)

Lilly gifts us with dozens of pieces of art a day.
I also find little words of inspiration all over our home.   "I love you Mom" on my dresser.   "I love you Dad" on Mitch's nightstand.   Notes to label Mason's dresser, Eric's dresser, I even find them in bathroom drawers labeling who's toothpaste is who's. 
And notes to herself, too:   Before her birthday she would make cards & say "I made my self a birthday present, but I'll try not to remember what it is."   :)    Last night I found this note hung in her room.
She got many neatness & behavior & homework awards throughout her kindergarten year, and an end of the year award for Neatness & Artistic ability.

The flower below is one of many, many daily cut outs.
She cuts, colors, & draws with endless fervor. 
She is the first of our kids that doesn't go to bed pretty much when told.  When she's supposed to be putting on pajamas or brushing her teeth, she's always still cutting & coloring away madly trying to finish something.
And even though she's sometimes so preoccupied that she doesn't listen, and her hands, arms, legs, & bedroom are almost always marked & stained with extra colors...
Her creations make us happy.

"You, whose day it is, get our your rainbow colors and make it beautiful." 
-Traditional Nootka Song


  1. Great Artwork!! You have quite the budding artist on your hands :)

  2. cute i like that strawberry pic. nice watermelon shots in the previous post too.

  3. Lilly does beautiful, wonderful art work for sure. I have the sweetest zebra on my fridge from her that I enjoy so much!