July 5, 2010

All Things Bright & Beautiful, All Creatures Great & Small

So far our family has had our fullest, most busy scheduled summer ever.  Never has our calendar been so full.  But we haven't let the simple joys of summer slip by unnoticed in the hustle & bustle.  
Great & small, they're waiting to be discovered around every corner.   We love them all. *

I'm crazy for native blooming wild flowers.
Columbine, Nodding Trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit 
Tiger Swallowtail, a regular visitor to our spring lilacs.
Lilly, regular decorator of sidewalks everywhere.
It seemed like we had at least a short rain shower or two almost every day in June. 
It certainly helped make all things bright & beautiful.
Baptisia just beginning it's season of indigo splendor.
Ants doing their good work on our peonies
Indian Paintbrush.. The most colorful of Minnesota wildflowers. 
Northern Iris, another wild beauty. 
Rain drops on hostas
On day lilies, too.
As well as Forest Tent Caterpillars.
June's wild roses smelled wonderful. 
Daisies, adored as always.
Orange Hawkweed.
Day lilies galore.
We discovered this pretty spider (I believe to be a fisher spider) on a lily pad on the pond.
With little insects marching by.
Also on the pond, yellow water lily blooms.  
Out & about late these summer evenings, we've admired many colorful sunsets. 
 Kittens at Granny & Grampa's, reminding me of many summer kittens growing  up.
Watching over the smallest of creatures. 
And of course, toads, of all sizes. 
Beau has gotten good at loving on them for a just a few minutes before happily setting them free someplace safe. 
Love them, we do.
We watched a doe & her twin fawns frolic in a field the other night.  Like the giant snapping turtle, clutch of grouse chicks, and fox we've crossed paths with,  the four baby mice the kids befriended last week, & more, they went un-photographed. Try as I may, I don't have a camera on me at all times. 
But we have eyes to see them, and appreciate them every one.  
Our garden is growing, lightening bugs glowing, and summer has only just begun!

*except for snakes.  I do not love snakes.  And don't enjoy discovering them around any corner.  :)


  1. Your love for the outdoors def. shows in your pictures!! Great post Amanda!!

  2. beautiful oics. especially the raindrops ones. Now I will have to try that one day.

  3. Those are some serious pics. Really good. Were they all taken in your general vicinity? How big was that fishing spider? I found a few a couple years back - they were ~4" across.

  4. Thanks.
    WB- yes, taken in the general vacinity, all on our property, except the driveby highway sunset & the kittens. The rainbow was shot from our place looking over to our neighbor's.
    Mitch found a stunning patch of indian paintbrushes in some open area deep behind our house. I photographed them in the rain with a spider man towel over my head. Nodding trilliums are poppping up more & more, around the kids' tree fort & everywhere this year. I only just discovered them on our property last year. (and boy, was I excited) a nice bonus in addition to ordinary trilliums.
    Last spring I became obsessed with seeking & identifying as many MN wildflowers as I could find. The woodland ones bloom so quickly. It's a fun challenge trying to catch them in the small window of opportunity.
    Anyway, many more found than posted here.. and more on my list to find someday.

    Spider wasn't that big, maybe 1.5" across. It's my vague theory that the further north you go, the smaller the "bugs" get - except for the mosquito.

  5. your photographs are exquisite!

  6. Beautiful still shots! Love the detail on the spider with his little friends following.