August 23, 2010


On this day 13 years ago we were married.    Much has happened over 13 years.  Some things have changed.  Some things have stayed the same.      
I decided I'd like to do a little photo shoot of our wedding bands, at this point, 13 years into wear.  You can tell who's been handling babies & who's been handling boulders & heavy lumber on a daily basis.  (Though we've each done our share of both.) 
Mitch's wedding band has changed in shape and worn thin.  He's left some gold behind in the rocks & dirt he's worked in over the years.  Mine is scuffed, but hasn't changed in shape a bit.   
Photos taken today:

On our anniversary, some random tidbits our kids might enjoy reading some day:

We've played many, many games of rummy over these past 13 years.  Yahtzee & dominos too.   

I tend to stay up late at night & sleep best in the morning.
Mitch tends to fall asleep early and can't sleep well past 5 or 6 am.

Our wedding bands weren't delivered on time due to the great UPS strike of 1997.
We borrowed rings from family members for our ceremony.  Ours arrived a few days later.

Mitch rarely eats breakfast.. but loves a big dinner.
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day,  I often skip dinner.

I'd rather leave meat off my pizza, out of spaghetti, etc.  
Mitch thinks it's a crime to not have meat in your meal.

We both believe in family.

This month we bought him his first pair of flip-flops.   
Never before a sandal wearer, it's a whole new Mitch!   
I live in flip-flops as many days of the year that I can.

We've built many things by combining our thoughts & skills.

Generally, we don't enjoy the same music.
When we ride in the car, we play "name that tune" to the scan button on the radio.
He's grown much more knowledgeable about music & lyrics in 13 years.
The song we had played at our wedding was a simple piano piece called "A Lovely Moment."

On the eve of our 13th anniversary we had our first bat fly in the door to our house as we were all coming home.   Eek. 

He claims to not do computers.. but stands over my shoulder a lot when I blog.

Mitch uses a lot of colorful language.  A habit he acquired young.  Though it's improved a great deal with time.
No one I know (or don't know) has ever heard me swear.

On our honeymoon we went to the International Wolf Center.

Through the years we've seen many beautiful places in each others company.
We're pretty good at traveling together. Mitch drives. I read maps. He pulls over abruptly when I need to take pictures of the scenery. 

Parenting is equally important to us, we both enjoy our kids thoroughly.
It was agreed from the start that we would do what it took so that one of us would be home with our kids.   We've only felt more strongly about that decision with the passing years.

He's looking forward to hunting season.   I'm looking forward to the slowing of photographing people season.  

When it comes to our future & the bigger picture, we're looking in the same direction.


  1. I love that! Your kids are going to adore reading that in years to come. I love that you are so different and yet have stayed strong through 13 years! You guys are a light to those around you :) Happy Anniversary.

  2. happy anniversary. what a nice post and pictures. I thought about photo-ing our bands too but haven't gotten around to it (13 for us too this june). Mine looks like your husbands and yours like my dh' and alot of that could be said for us too.

  3. Happy Anniversary...beautiful pictures and thoughts.