August 27, 2010

Canada Time. Summer 2010

As mentioned before, we headed up north for 9 days overlapping the end of July / beginning of August.   It looks like it was our one opportunity to make it up there this year, and will be our solo trip for 2010.
In nine days I took many photos, there was plenty of action as well as some leisure.
Last year I ended up entirely not posting about our August trip since there was just so much good stuff to cover.   I don't want that to happen again.    
Summer's winding down fast, and this was the highlight family trip of ours'. 
So here are some stats:

Days we were away: 9
Days the kids wanted to stay:  20
Hours spent going through customs:  more than we would've liked.
Arrival:  Gorgeous calm sunset.
Walleyes caught:  too many to count.
Average temps: High 70's I'd guess.
Water temp:  Not bad!! 
Hours spent together everyday:  Pretty much all of them
Docks built:  two
Berries picked:  hundreds
Close encounters with wild animals:  A few
Nights I watched the sun go down over the lake:  All of them.
Most loons we saw swimming together at a time:  13
Moose antler sheds the kids came home with:  3
Messages on our answering machine when we got home:  26  (Not including cell voice mails, online messages, notifications, & emails... yikes.)

Other highlights:

Beau napping for hours in the bottom of the boat on float cushions. 
The northern pike that bit on to it's own tail & swam in circles.    
Lilly running into a Fisher on the deck.  (or was it a mink? we thought it was a pine marten, but ruled that out.)
Four kids with hatchets & axes working in the yard.  One more helping them all out.
Lilly looking like a monster when her eye swelled up. (bug bite we think?)
Sand sculptures & hours on the beach.
Banana pancakes. 
Tastiest, most fresh fish for dinner ever.

Some photos:

After spending 10 hours squished into the car, our arrival is always a highlight.  
Exploring at sundown
First day of fishing
Thick mossy woods exploring.  Came across Indian Pipe again.
Until last summer, I'd never seen the real thing. 
Fascinating plant, generally scarce or rare in occurrence. Unlike most plants, it is white and doesn't contain chlorophyll.  Since it isn't dependent on sunlight to grow, it can grow in very dark environments as in the understory of dense forest, as was here.
The whole relationship Indian Pipe has with tree & fungus is interesting. 

Wild raspberries everywhere, waiting to be devoured.
Beau did a good job of that.
Blueberries too.
Fireweed, it was everywhere, beautifying the whole trip in large patches.
(We have it at home by our mailbox, too, but there was more & more the further north we went.)

Loads of loons.  And eagles (posted here.)
We enjoyed mostly sun, and a little rain.
One day Johnathan, Lilly, Beau & I got stranded at the beach for a few hours.   Not a bad place to be stranded.   Last year the water was high, up to the woods. So you couldn't tell this beach was here.
This year it was enjoyed fully.  A great place to boat over to for washing up & room to run. 
We've been to beaches from Waikiki to the Florida Keys & all over the Caribbean...  not to mention the lakes here in MN.  Did you know that Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than California, Florida & Hawaii combined?  
Well, I think that northern Ontario is where we've found the most pristine beach of them all.  
The dock was built in the rain and really appreciated once done. 
(boards sawed at home from cedar logs out back)
Caught a few photos of the critters we can't identify, most likely mink. 
Wish I had gotten full body shots. 
Nifty critters.  Johnathan described them as "sort of galloping like a horse."
We had a little family of them.  I think these were young, the one that visited the deck was larger.
Early phase of the one-eyed Lilly.
Johnathan skipping rocks at sundown.
Fishing was good.
One evening while we were all out in one boat, we stopped along the rocky edge of an island to fish a while.  "Slap!" went this beaver's tail.
 He swam back & forth, thrilling the little kids with another surprise slap now & then, sometimes quite close to the boat.
Our source of light after sundown:
Campfires.  And candlelight while reading, playing cards, & getting ready for bed.
So, so, so many more photos..  but I think that'll do.   We had a good time.


  1. absolutely beautiful! (well, except the bug bitten eye)

  2. James and I just enjoyed looking through all those pics. Quite a collection. That looks like the ultimate adventure venue.

  3. I just love this. Every single photo. You are amazing, my friend!