August 18, 2010

Good Neighbors

We have good neighbors. 
Mr. Jacobson is in his early 90's.  His legs don't work well, due to a long ago shrapnel injury. 
He drives, but he can't easily get out of his vehicle, so from time to time he drives up and honks his horn to let us know he's here.  It startles me silly every time.  But then I smile.
He brought us these apples from his apple trees last week.
Marianne, our nearest, dearest neighbor, is also 91.   Marianne always has photos & stories to share of her latest adventures. Most recently, the wedding of a granddaughter in Colorado.
She hasn't the need for as much garden produce as she once did, but she hates to see garden space go to waste.  So this year she convinced us to use her leftover dirt.  We planted around 500 ft. of potato rows. 
(catching up on weeding & hilling after we were away to Canada)
 Mason & Eric have been mowing her lawn some this summer.  
The other day she sent a bag of green apples home with them.   

While out for a family bike ride the other day, we stopped by to visit our neighbors to the north. 
We were passing by & it was Johnathan's idea to ride up & say hello. 
Dennis is into horticulture.   I admired his purple cone flowers & snapped these photos of some.  (Yes, I sometimes wear my camera while riding bike.)
He also grows apples.   

We're thankful to have good neighbors.
And grateful that our kids are learning to be good neighbors.
And eating lots of apples. 


  1. Love this!
    Marianne sounds like my Grandma who lived to be 98, and lived on her own until she was about 963 She also had a huge garden and had grand adventures. Your children are blessed:)

  2. beautiful apple pic. what a great service your neighbor knows you are there to help.

  3. 8/30/10
    We have apples coming out our ears.
    Mr. Jacobson has been honking pretty regularly. :)