September 1, 2010

beau on a bicycle

Beau turned three & a half in August.  About a week later he began riding a two wheel bike. 
(It's a princess bike, yes.)
At three and a half, I almost can't believe he's doing this.   Some kids are still in diapers at his age.

The seat is a tad tall for him, so at first he needed someone to assist keeping him upright while he got on & took off.  
Today he's taking off all on his own.
His first evening on two wheels, he was still getting the hang of steering & stopping. 
His stopping method was to just tip over & laugh.
Photo taken 30th of August.    We have a few trees already changing colors.
Later the same evening he could ride from the barn to the house without stopping. 
That's a fairly long & winding way for a 3 year old on wheels.

Beau riding a bike.  He's just so happy about it.  As he is about most things in life.


  1. that is so awesome! Tav was like that, just ready! He looks so triumphant! Way to go Beau. Tavs first bike was his big sisters pink bike he loved it, he didn't care at all, it was the fastest bike in the world, he called it fast runner, but with him being so little when he said it we thought he said "fat wonder" so his bike from there on out was named the fat wonder. Still is, that is sariahs bike now.

  2. adorable.

    2 of my boys were just like that too. they could ride without training wheels at 3. naturally balance talented I

    way to go beau!

  3. Erin, that's funny - Johnathan got his first new (non-beat-up-hand-me-down) bike for Christmas last year.
    But we still can't keep him off Lilly's hot pink one that my mom found for her at a rummage sale.
    (It apparently is faster, too, and does good wheelies.)

    Thanks, Kim!

  4. Wow! Way to go, he sure looks proud of himself!

    My oldest learned to ride on a girl bike. It was our neighbors and he thought it was the fastest bike around.

  5. Standing next to me is an envious ~6 year old boy.

    Well done Beau.