September 9, 2010

High Quality H2O

A couple of weekends ago, I took the three younger kids to a little lake near where I grew up.
We were last there two years ago.   Fun to look at the photos of then & now.
It's a good place to visit.  And as always, the red hand pump was a hit, delivering drinking water as good & cold as ever. 


  1. You're photos are unbelievable[ly good]

  2. LOVE that red water pump! I just scanned through your blog (I have before, but its been a while) and it loooks like you have some property. Such a dream! Where are you? Love the pics of the kids on the garage, the little guy holding the frog (nice pic) and the pink flower shots.

  3. We're in northern Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, soon to be frozen ones. :)
    I used to drink from this red water pump when I was a little girl.. I remember when it was SO hard to reach the handle & pump it. It's fun to take our kids back there. Great place. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kristen, and for the kind words!
    Hope your little guy had a great 8th birthday.. our Johnathan turns 8 in a few weeks. :)