September 6, 2010

Last day of summer vacation. Toddler on the Roof.

Yesterday I gave all the boys haircuts, gone went the highlights from summer months in the sun.

Today I helped Johnathan & Lilly check off their 1st & 2nd grade school supply lists as they packed their backpacks full of new crayons, pencils, & folders.    I've stocked up and we've had a box full of school supplies sitting here waiting for a few weeks, but we were kind of putting it off.
I'm never quite ready to see summer vacation end.

Tomorrow Mason & Eric start seventh grade, which is the transition to the high school at our school.
They've already been busy with daily football practices for a couple of weeks.   (And loving it.  Football is still by far their favorite sport.)
Johnathan & Lilly only have a 15 minute conference tomorrow, they'll start the next day.
 Mr. Jacobson has been stopping by, honking with lots of apples.  
Yesterday I looked out the window & there were three kids hanging out on the garage roof.  
(FYI: Mitch had been outside with them & was in the garage.) 
Beau was trying to go up, too.   I said no going up on the roof, and he came down off the ladder.  Apparently they didn't hear me, but I told the bigger kids to come down, too.  
A little later, Lilly came in and asked "PLEASE can't I go on the roof?  Beau got to go up there."   
Sure enough, our three year old was sitting, straddling the peak of the garage roof with Eric.  It scared me silly.   Mitch (finally) came out of the garage.  They were carefully guided down.  The ladder was put back where it came from.  And I hope there will be no more climbing on roofs again any time soon.
I don't think it's funny to have a toddler on the roof, but now that everyone is safely off,  it is kind of funny that the worst trouble the kids got in all summer was for - of all ridiculous things -wanting to hang out on top of a roof.   
I guess it's better than lying or stealing or mouthing off.   Then again mouthing off would be much more safe than taking small children up to perch on a roof peak.  (that was the part that was the trouble.)

Anyway, so ends our summer vacation.   Time to start packing many cold lunches again every night.  
I wish it didn't have to end. 
We're excited about the new teachers the kids will have, upcoming football games, reading celebrations, and more.
But still, I wish our schedules didn't have to change so drastically.   I love the freedom of summer.

When Johnathan was starting school I wrote this post.  I re-read it last year at this time, and again today.
I look forward to what we'll all learn this school year.   And I smile when I think of all we watched & learned from around home & together over the summer. 

Johnathan discovered this tiny pink flower (below, left) growing in the pond this summer.  He paddled me around so I could get a photo.  (I sure enjoy floating around the pond with Johnathan.)
We've never noticed it before, and I haven't found out what it is yet.
After years of admiring the velvety clusters (pictured to the right) in our backyard, I finally learned that it is sumac.
Mason & Eric went to work with their dad for a week or two this summer.
They both got new dirtbikes & are working to pay for them.  A good lesson in growing up.  They're even keeping books on their hours, odd jobs, & earnings.

Johnathan was really interested in spiders all summer.
He's been watching a certain few (big, ugly) spiders for most of the summer in the little spot they live.
He's really gentle & comfortable with them. We had to tell him not to handle them quite so freely. 
He also became really curious about clouds, storms & weather.  And northern lights.  He'd like to see some and had some incredibly thoughtful questions about them.

It was a good summer, filled with good things.
I never got around to telling of the summer hair cut Beau gave himself.   You can see his extra short patch toward the front of his head in many photos.   Lots of summer dirt, too.
Bike side snacking on raspberries.
Plenty of good frog variety.  Green frog pictured here.
Little snapper.
Sorry to see summer come to a close.  But certain that fall will be filled with good things, too.

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