October 16, 2010

School days.

What we look forward to every afternoon :  The sound of the school bus, kids coming home.
This was during the first week of school.
Beau goes with the flow so well, but still - it's an adjustment going from four siblings to play with, to none. 
His look here shows how very happy he is to see them return.
Johnathan & Lilly's "short cut." 
A boy & his pond reunited.
Mason & Eric don't come home on the school bus much these days.  
Their days are a little longer yet, with football practice after school.
Game day: Eric in the gray sleeves, Mason standing second tallest (middle).  
Beau, three & a half, went to his early childhood screening in September. 
He was so excited to "go to school" like the rest of the kids for a day.
On our way...
He had a great time.
Home again, and feeling so very big.
Several people tend to ask if he's going to go to preschool.   Frankly, we don't believe in sending our kids to preschool at such a young age.  They'll spend a huge chunk of their childhood in a classroom soon enough.  We believe in home, being our childrens' most influencial teachers, and the importance of what they learn these early years in life.  Mostly through lots of living.  Not running around on a schedule.
Our nieghbor Earl always said that we learn more in our first five years than we will the rest of our lives.   I'm loving these days while Beau doesn't have to spend 8 hours of them away.  We've had some super fun "field trips" together I'll have to post about soon.   And he's doing "homework" like a madman.   But mostly, he's enjoying being a 3 year old.  

I came across this randomly today while flipping through an IKEA catalog, of all things.  (Again, what's up with the folks at IKEA reading my mind all the time?) 
Did you know that play is the basis for how kids develop & learn?  Through games like dress-up, drawing, skipping & running, children's muscles and brains get all the stimulation they need. 

I have to add that I think love & affection, reading stories, and many other things are important stimulation, too.   But, the point is there.  In our particular opinion of our particular situation, with our particular children, we don't think there is much for them to gain from preschool sooner than necessary.   We have actually found that there is more to lose.  
Just us, here.  I can see where it could be very beneficial socially to kids who don't get the opportunity to interact with other kids much, or who don't have a lot of variety of experiences in their day to day life.
Just not for us.   All of our kids have done wonderfully in the school setting when the time comes.   And it comes fast!  

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  1. i agree with the whole preschool theory.

    Sofia goes to something once a week for one hour. She's 3 and i prefer her home with me. I don't want her gone all day yet. But it is different when the rest are gone all day. She CRIES if my oldest stays afterschool for an activity. She misses them a lot.