November 23, 2010


The other day I was noticing the rosy cheeks & snowy eyelashes here at our house.  It reminded me of Julie Andrews singing "A few of my favorite things."  (As mentioned recently, I miraculously got a family member to watch The Sound of Music with me.)  And then it got me thinking about Thanksgiving & all that I'm thankful for, some of my favorite things.

Like snowflakes that stay on eyelashes.
Deliciously cold well water.
Wool socks.  Warm fires.

Wonderful children's books, like Strega Nona, that allow me to speak in foreign accents for a little while each day.

Beau's compliments.  They're too much.   But I appreciate the heck out of them.

Lilly's drawings & notes. She shares them in humble ways, as not to draw attention & praise to herself, but to give them as true gifts. Sometimes at the end of a hectic evening, when I may not be feeling my best, I'll go to bed late at night & find she's left me a note or picture to find in my room. She went to bed secretly knowing I'd find it later.. it makes me happy. I'm thankful.

The gentle twinkle in Johnathan's eye when he shares in the humor of a moment.

Mason & Eric's ability & willingness to help out as young men of the house while their dad has been away so much this year.

I'm thankful to be together with them all.  The goodness they overflow my life with.  The security of the roof over our heads.  The comfort of home.


  1. ok the muddy picture of your boys is hilarious! I think that would make me smile too! priceless

  2. I had to carefully crop that shot, to censor the old muddy free bird photo on our fridge. :)