January 3, 2011


has been making itself at home with us for a while now.  
It's an old fashioned Minnesota winter like I remember from my childhood, when by Christmastime the walk to the house felt like a tunnel through the high-shoveled snow banks.
The roads are grizzly.  It's cold, and so they're going to stay grizzly for a while.  Of course no-one really loves ice packed highways, and I heard a lot of complaints today about people's cars not starting from the cold this morning. 
But I kind of like this real Minnesota winter we're having, like the good old days. 
We are Minnesotans.  We can handle it. 
The scenery has been absolutely beautiful.  
Since these photos were taken we've gotten more & more deep white snow. 
I'll have to venture into it for some more photos.
And speaking of Christmas..   It came, too.


  1. wow those are stunning pics. you outdid yourself that time.

  2. beautiful! Every time I step outside I stop and enjoy the view. It's definitely the prettiest winters in years. You capture it perfectly!

  3. ooohhh that's what I miss about minnesota! We too are having some crazy weather here in Utah although people in Utah don't know how to handle it here! it has been below zero for the last bit. very crazy for here. Our car didn't start on monday. But I am enjoying it, reminds me of home, I do miss that. But we don't have all the beautiful trees, so it isn't quite the same :(

  4. Yes we haven't had that many "real" winter's lately. It is nice to finally have one :)