March 25, 2011

Gumbo. (and Spring.)

I'm pretty certain Eric is taller than me now. (Which means Mason is awfully close.. Eric's just a bit bigger than him these days.)   Tomorrow I have to remember to stand back-to-back & see for sure.

We went to Louisiana late in February.  Saw New Orelans' French Quarter.  Stayed a couple of days on Grand Isle, watching dolphins splash & swim in the Gulf.  Meandered our way along the other end of the Great River Road.  Stayed our final night in LA at the south's largest remaining antebellum mansion, a real beauty. 
I ate more variety of foods in those few days than I normally would in a whole year (or several.)  We've been making gumbo & jambalaya here back home, and stocked our spice drawer with blackened seasoning.  
I fell in love with southern live oaks.  We got sunburned.  It was all-around a good time.  I learned much.   

Tomorrow is the end of the third quarter of yet another school year. 
Did I ever write down how Lilly's first grade teacher tells her class to "copycat" her, because she's so "calm & composed & always does her best at everything?"
Mason & Eric have Tech class for the second half of their 7th grade year.  They come home & work on projects all evening out in the "home shop."  That is, when they're not eating. 
I'm trying to come up with a good use of words to describe how much they eat.
But all I can do is shake my head.  And shake it again.
We've had a nice break between sports seasons.  Basketball ended on a busy streak.  In just the final 6 days of their season, Mason & Eric played 11 full games.  They worked hard.  I guess it's no wonder they eat so much.
They're growing bigger & stronger.  Eric can pull back Mitch's old bow now at 60+ pounds, well enough to use it repetitively & set it up for his own use.   Mitch knows grown men who have struggled mightily to pull it back just once.    
Baseball practice starts next week.

Johnathan has many good friends, but one little buddy that he's been spending time with quite a lot lately.   It's a treat to have extra kids around who fit in so great with our family.   We love it. 

Lilly's first top tooth is very loose.  She can do about 40 somersaults in 60 seconds on my bed.   Like an otter under water, only not. 
My dresser is stacked with drawings & notes of cheer & love from her.
Her latest greeting that she jots here & there is, "Happy Spring!  The birds are coming back!"

We took Beau to Canal Park while in Duluth this week.  He loves the big lake.  He loves everything.
His freckles have really popped out with the arrival of Daylight Saving Time.
He dials Granny & Grampa's phone number on his own now & goes to the computer, opens up Paint, creates something, and says, "I better save it."  Sure enough - he knows how to save a document.   How? I don't know.  The things big sisters teach, I suppose.    

I've been waxing a lot of furniture surfaces with bee's wax & orange oil.  This evening Mitch called me "The crazy wax lady."
There never seems to be enough time to get all the things I want to do (or need to do) done.
That's good,  no complaints.
It's just that I thought I'd have these "slow winter months" to do all kinds of creative work around the house, and I have barely put a dent in my idea list.  
In fact, I'm pretty sure it only grows in the other direction.

Most people are in a hurry for the snow to melt & summer to come.  
I'm saying, "Take your time, Mother Nature, take your time."  
Plenty to do each day.

Some photos as we welcomed Spring this past week.  
 Lilac buds:
 Big brothers' boots on, above.
We can see the boat emerging from a long winter's nap under heavy snow!
Looking forward to frogs in the pond.  Going to be much later than last year.
Still dipping down around zero at night.  A lot of thaw to go.


  1. pretty pictures. they made me smile. have i mentioned to you how much I love pussy willows? I think you took pictures of them before. For some reason they just are spring to me.

  2. Yes! This year we had a rare burst of them the end of December, I took pictures then, also.
    I love them, too.
    They are my favorite bouquet to have in the house.

  3. oh my your pictures! you make me smile! LOVE the drops of water, the little shrooms or whatever on the trees. Can't believe your boys are taller than you! crazy. that is going to be wierd!