April 6, 2011

3.21.11 Canal Park, Duluth, MN

Since I was a youngster, I've always loved Lake Superior & found the city of Duluth fascinating. 
Many of the things that fascinated me then, still fascinate me today; The big ships. Picking rocks on the shore.  The steepness of the hillside.  Houses built so close together, it's a wonder anyone could swing a hammer to side them... I remember the bewilderment that ran through my young mind, as I considered having neighbors that close. 
We're in Duluth fairly often, for work or some other thing.  Every now & then it's nice to take a little time to do more than just what we came for.  (Especially when the tourists are still at bay.)  
While downtown this day, we walked around Canal Park.  Had a nice, quiet lunch. Watched traffic go by on the lift bridge.  Tossed a few rocks in the water.  Listened to the seagulls squawk.  Saw the last bit of ice breaking away.   Beau thought it was a fantastic afternoon.

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