April 7, 2011

Dirt Roads

I grew up down a dirt road.  I remember muddy springs when we couldn't drive all the way up.  Crunchy frozen puddles on morning walks to the school bus.  The sight of pussy willows on gray days.  The rush of water in the creek once again.  Sending sticks through the culvert, waiting for them to come through the other side.  How exciting that was!
My parents still live down a dirt road.  All three of us daughters have settled for a decade or better with our families - down dirt roads.  Looks like my brother might be the one to break tradition & live on pavement.   The rest of us will have dirty cars for life.  :)     
We share our dirt road with a few good neighbors.  Plenty of deer.  And horses, as you may see from the hoof tracks.   We almost always know if the mail has come yet, indicated by the freshness of the tire track left by the mail box.  
Our neighbor, who has lived on this road for nearly 70 years, recalls many spring stories; Driving her jeep in the mud with the ladies on the way to Sunshine Club.  Years when the road washed clear away.   Years when they were stranded until mud season passed.   When "mud season" was an observed break from country schools.
It's safe to say, Spring may not be the most desirable time to live on a dirt road. 
But it's certainly a memorable part of it.   :)  


  1. But he will have your wonderful pictures to look at :) Memories will will be there, I remember our long dirt road, and parking at the end and walking cause we couldn't drive through it....And pretending we were sleeping so my dad would carry us cause we didn't want to walk! ha ha

  2. well I have lived both lives. right now we are dirt road people. My main con is that my car looks like a mud pit. we can wash it then by the end of the day its covered in mud again. not so appealing to others. i'm used to it though but we do get the looks...lol. yesterday a pile of mud fell off my dh's car when he parked it at his job (i drove past it) and i have to admit it looked funny...like a pig pen on charlie brown. dirt falls off it wherever we go. i am assuming you have this problem too? are ppl more understanding there? anyway... cute pic again.

  3. For some reason this posted when I wasn't done with it & meant to save it to draft & go to bed. You both commented before I was done. :)

    That's funny, Erin.. pretending you were asleep! It really is fun remembering back to driveways of family members & certain years that were really bad. We seem to have less bad years lately, but it's still dirty.

    Kim, your description of Pig Pen is pretty accurate! Lots of dirt roads on Minnesota, so it's pretty accepted & understood. Plus, we have this wonderfully awful thing here called SALT they put on the hihgways many months of the year... so even the pavement peoples' vehicles look dirty. :)